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Biggish trouble and bass update

Added a few more designs I did for Trouble and Bass last couple of months..

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Paper box trickses.

How do they do this? stop motion, but how can you do that with real hands.. great soundtrack aswell.. top notch..

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Robots, dude!

2 awesome short films! —- BLR, Big Lazy Robot is a 3D house out of Barcelona, catering to male adolescent tastes: gritty robots from russia. — 2 vids after the break!

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Arrival City

Or how to change the world by embracing it’s problems.   People don’t like being poor. They want their kids to live better lives then they’re living. Just those self evident motivations are enough to throw the word into turmoil for centuries now, ever since the best bet for a better life could be found […]

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